How It Works, Cheaper Deliveries by Return-Load Backhaul

Our network of haulers and are constantly on the lookout for return loads rather than return empty from an outbound delivery, so you can get loads delivered at a reduced (backhaul) rate, saving 50%-70% on a normal delivery service. To date, we have matched and moved over 55 million loads for over 70,000 users

Wherever you live in the US or Canada, there will be an empty truck going back to where you need a delivery every day, because some of our hundreds of trucker members will be making that return journey in the near future

Having large heavy, bulky items and ebay items ( more than 30Kg ) delivered at the backhaul rate is much cheaper than booking a local hauler for a dedicated delivery

All our users, shippers and transporters are vetted over time with various systems we have in place including feedback and complaint mechanisms, so that confidence in our system is maintained

Listing Goods For Delivery On The System:

There is no need to register to list goods/items for delivery, our service is completely free, our transporter members will quote you directly with a price for your delivery with no obligation whatsoever. Loadup does not get involved with any negotiations or financial transactions

Private users needing to move a single item to a house move, can use a simplified version of the quotation request form, just go here to list your delivery needs on the system

ebay heavy and bulky items, use our ebay item retrieval facility, try it out now - ebay Traders

Most loads are stored on the system for maximum of 5 days, but should be deleted by the shipper earlier when arranged to prevent further enquiries, they are then automatically removed if not updated, to keep the system up to date
Users will be invited by email before deletion to update their load for a further 5 days if it hasn't been arranged

Regular Loads and Heavy Freight

Mainly for business users with many available daily loads which can conveniently stay on the system for up to a month, selectable when posting a load. They can easily be updated prior to automatic deletion for a further month

Click here to post business loads

We also have a bulk posting facility for freight forwarders / brokers here

Once a load has been arranged and is no longer available, all users are expected to remove their loads/quote requests without delay, in order to avoid wasting our transporters time on enquiries or quotes

Haulers - Quoting For Available Loads:

We do not get involved in any arrangements between transporters and shippers, no extra charges or commissions

This is a professional system and never will be a downward-bidding or reverse auctioning site

Loadup enables transporters to contact potential shippers directly, before they start calling around for quotations

We provide all relevant information and with sophisticated matching technology, we ensure the most suitable transporter, by location and vehicle type, gets in contact with suitable loads using instant email alerts or by manually searching on-site, as and when required